Visions of Betrayal

We need to talk! Who’s Zanzu? How could you? The questions swirled around his mind as Reverb paced quickly through the new ship they had acquired from Jaden, knowing he had to confront Hest, but still not knowing what he would say. The tension in his neck and shoulders gripped him. It was worse than when he was face to face with that dark force wielder, or when Tarnok was ambushed by the Sith, or when their squad was almost eaten by that giant killer worm.

There he is. Why is he on his knees? Is he ignoring me? Is he meditating? Great!

Taking a seat, Reverb quietly contemplated what he would say. Watching Hest, he tried to relax. He could hear Tarnok’s voice, “Eliminate your thoughts. A clear mind is key.” Hest always struggled. Tarnok was patient. Hest was a good padawan.

How could he do this?

Was Hest working a con on the imperial? Maybe that was it. It must be it. Hest would never betray him. He would never betray everything Tarnok stood for.

Hest?” he whispered. Nothing.

It must be a con. That must be it. No way is he in league with Zanzu.

Reverb rose and departed, resigned that there was a good explanation.

As soon as he was gone, Hest’s head popped up, alert, and maybe even a little frightened.

Chiding himself for not confronting Hest, Reverb walked through the corridors of Jaden's ship toward the common room. Just outside the entryway he spotted the Mandalorian fidgeting with something in his pocket. "So how did you get the name Puppy?"

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