Sitting down in front of the ship's holonet screen, Reverb scrubs the stains and machine smell out of his armor. "I'm glad I can finally take this helmet off in front of you all," he smiles. It's a common smile.

"Hey, get a load of this!" he calls out. "Sounds like there's a reward out for the capture of the Bothan, Gamorrean, and Mandalorian that defaced Adarius' most sacred holy site!" Reverb chuckles and kisses his—now clean—helmet.

"The community is outraged!" Reverb smirks. Turning to Traeger, he adds, "Hey at least the priest was unharmed... Too soon?"

"I've been thinking," Reverb turns to Hest and the others, "why to you suppose that underwater chamber was such an obstacle course? Who do you think designed that place and why would they design it like that?"

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