Icehammer Dwarves: Session 10

The Icehammer Dwarves face Gorthok the Thunderboar
The two of us stood together, while Xanth and Falcon waited 150 feet back.

Once we saw the lightning tusked giant boar, we ate the butterskulls from Big Al, and I also cast protection from energy on Berreck.

As soon as the giant boar came close, we jumped out from our hiding positions. Berreck stopped the beast in its tracks as he jumped into the middle of its path and started swinging his greataxe. I attacked it from the side with my warhammer and cast spiritual weapon. Xanth and Falcon started picking off the orcs one by one as the creatures continued to advance toward us.

Berreck maneuvered himself around the giant boar so we were back to back as the orcs and boars surrounded us. As we continued to exchange blows, it became clear that the three boars seemed to be tougher than a usual boar, and sure enough, they transformed into three half-orcs. Noticing that we were surrounded, dismissing protection from energy, I cast spirit guardians. Most of the orcs fell shortly, as well as two of the already wounded half-orcs. Once there was only one half-orc and the lightning boar still standing, Berreck fell unconscious from the many blows he had taken from the boar. However, I easily revived him with cure wounds. We were swiftly able to kill the last half-orc and focus all our attention on the giant lightning boar. Despite its resistance to many of our attacks, the combined attacks of all four of us seemed to be too much for the giant boar as Berreck delivered the final blow, cutting off its lower jaw and leaving it motionless.

After searching the bodies, we found a handful of silver pieces and two potions. One greyish potion looked unfamiliar and the other, a deep red, seemed to be slightly stronger than a normal healing potion. Berreck and Falcon also both took a piece of the tusks as trophies.

After a short discussion, we decided to explore the last “X” on the map from the manse. Berreck gave his tusk trophy to Falcon, so he could bring it back to the hunting lodge for him and the two of us departed.

After about five miles trekking through the forest, we came across a tall tree with the weird stick dolls tied around it. After a close inspection of one of the dolls, we found inside what looked to be a pig’s heart, and it was still beating! Berreck threw it on the ground, splattering into mush. Just as Berreck demolished the heart, roots errupted out of the ground. Berreck was able to jump back, but I was restrained by the enveloping tendrils. Unable to free myself, Berreck attacked the roots that were holding me with his greataxe until I could escape. After I had cast toll the dead and halted the roots, the area seemed to be safe once again.

We continued along toward the “X” on the map. Once we arrived, we saw atop a hill was a ring of eight upright stone structures, each one consisted of two 10-foot-high vertical stone slabs spaced 5 feet apart and topped with a 3-foot-thick flat lintel stone.
Circle of Thunder
We noticed a secret hatch slightly to the west and decided to go down and explore the inside of the hill. After searching around we found nothing of interest. It seemed to mainly consist of sleeping quarters and animal pens. We also found that it led to the open cave entrance to the northwest of the hill. Carved into the lintel stone above the cave mouth, we saw a picture of a boar chasing after a stick-figure humanoid. There appeared to be two other cave entrances, to the northeast and the southeast.

Carrying on, we went to the northeastern cave entrance. At the entrance, we saw another carving in the lintel stone, this one depicting three stick-figure humanoids being struck by lightning. We continued on to search the interior and found more sleeping quarters and animal pens. However, in one of the sleeping quarters, we found a well made shield, which Berreck held on to. We also found that at the end of the northeastern cave was another hatch that opened to the top of the hill. Lastly, we explored the southeastern cave and once again found nothing but sleeping quarters and animal pens, as well as another hatch that opened up to the top of the hill.

Having explored the entire area, we decided to take a short rest before making our way back to the hunting lodge.

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