War of the Burning Sky Session 3

In the center of the district and surrounded by a fenced compound, we found the Depository Tower. Torrent gave one of the guards a password and we were escorted to the tower entrance.

The first floor of the tower was one huge room, about sixty feet in diameter, though the far side was hidden in shadows. A broad stone ramp circled clockwise upward to the left of the entrance, while the interior of the room was filled with aisles of metal lockers, each slightly larger than an upright coffin. The ceiling was twenty feet high, supported by squat round columns.

We were soon called upstairs by a coughing, pug-faced, ugly little gnome with blue robes and a runny nose. As we headed upstairs, he asked which of us were 'Peppin' and the password to the case. Suspecting something was amiss, and that this was not the real Rivereye Badgerface, we began to interrogate the gnome, when he suddenly quaffed a potion and escaped by climbing up the tall lockers and leaping across the room to a high wall. A sphere of soft, glowing light then appeared and began shooting rays of light at us, so we fled.

Torrent guided us to a nearby temple devoted to a god of healing that served as a gathering place for resistance members. It was packed with nervous people squeezed into a 40-foot circular prayer chamber and adjacent rooms. There we were soon joined by Ulfgar Untbergheim, a dwarf from The Monastery of Two Winds.

After a short rest, we decided to return to the Depository Tower. On the upper levels we found Rivereye bound and gagged, as well as a dead guard. Rivereye explained that he had managed to convince his captor that the case was trapped to explode if it was opened, and that only his contact Peppin knew the password. He overheard his captor mention meeting at Gabal's wizard’s school.

When we arrived at Gabal's, a small campus with two 50-foot-tall towers and several smaller buildings surrounded by a moat and an iron fence, we found the place empty, except for a slightly balding mage, smoking cigarettes.

The laid back mage introduced himself as Diogenes, and suggested we must be looking for Shealis Amlauril, pointing out the dorms where she could be found.

At the dorm, Cyrus and Eyvindir began knocking on doors, while Ulfgar and Xireas hung back with me behind a corner. They found the room, and when Shealis refused to open the door, they busted it down, but she was gone. Inside the room, we were attacked by an archon, which we quickly destroyed.

Searching her room, we found a spellbook and note referencing Afedera Carpentry and Cabinets. With this new information, we headed back to the safe house.

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