War of the Burning Sky Session 4

On the way back to the safe house, we were ambushed by thugs dressed up as guards, who said they were taking us in because we had a wizard in our midst. As we were beating down the thugs, we were joined by a handsome human with a greatsword, who introduced himself as Rantle.

One of the thugs carried a familiar red armband with a black horse head and unfamiliar letters.

Rantle brought us to a safe house, where he explained that he runs the local thieves' guild, and that the thugs are bounty hunters looking to get paid by the Ragesians. He asked us to deliver a message to his sister Katrina, who is also headed to Lyceum. He gave us a scroll case sealed with red wax to give to her.

We discovered that the carpentry shop was located in the elvish ghetto district, which we were only able to enter via a secret door in one of the gate walls.

Eyvindir asked around and we found the carpentry shop, a two-story brick building with a fake front door and wooden frames painted to look like curtained windows.

We circled around the building to a back alley and discovered a secret door made of wood, painted to look like brick. One the door were three switches hidden in a carving of various celestials resembling a winged woman with a trumpet, a noble and muscular man with a lion’s head, and an armored woman with a gleaming greatsword. We deduced that the celestials represented an archon, a leonal, and a ghaele eladrin, all good creatures, lawful, neutral, and chaotic, respectively. Eyvindir found a note in Shealis’ spellbook, that read in Elvish, “Arborea before Elysium before Celestia.” We all stepped back and Cyrus turned the switches associated with the ghaele (Arborea), then the leonal (Elysium), then the archon (Celestia), and pushed on a sunbeam carving, finally opening the door.

Inside was a 50 foot square room, dimly lit by a roaring fire in a fireplace against the left wall that filled the building with modest warmth. Casting shadows throughout the room were nearly a dozen doors, propped up by metal frames, all of them unfinished. Tools hung around the walls, stacks of wood were piled beside the fireplace, and sawdust covered the floor. It looked like the workshop of a carpenter obsessed with doors. A staircase in the back right corner led up, and one of the doors stood at the foot of the stairs.

A trio of beautiful celestial badgers, with coats of gold, silver, and platinum snarled and attacked us and had to be put down.

As the others dealt with the badgers, I made my way to the stairs, wary of reinforcements. Soon enough an arrow landed at my feet, and I ran up the stairs to confront one of three elven scouts who put up a significant fight before the last standing finally surrendered.

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