Icehammer Dwarves: Session 9

Icehammer Dwarves emerging from the Woodland Manse to confront the anchorites
We drew our weapons to prepare for combat with the half-orcs and boars.

Two of the half-orcs cast spells as two lightning bolts shot out from their hands, one at each of us. We were both hurt pretty badly as we took the lightning bolts head on; however, we rushed toward them and engaged in combat. We exchanged many blows. I swung my warhammer and spiritual weapon as Berreck swung his greataxe at the many boars, twig blights, and half-orcs, who had clawed gauntlets similar to the ones Berreck had retrieved from the half-orc we had killed in the woods. Both of us were wounded pretty badly as I cast spirit guardians, injuring the half-orcs and wiping out many of the boars and all the twig blights. Although bleeding profusely, we were able to finish off the remaining boar and half-orcs.

After checking the bodies, finding nothing of value besides a few copper and gold coins, we decided to continue making our way through the forest to Falcon’s hunting lodge despite the terrible condition we were in.

Unfortunately, on our way, we were attacked by six orcs. In our bad condition, we struggled against the gang of orcs as they surrounded us. I was knocked unconscious.

After what I can only guess was a few seconds, I was revived by Berreck forcing a healing potion down my throat just as he was knocked unconscious. Thankfully, I was able to heal Berreck and take out all the orcs, although we were both on the brink of death.

We decided to take a short rest to tend to our wounds before making the rest of the journey to the lodge.

We made it the rest of the way uneventfully, and Falcon welcomed us back. We described everything we found at the manse, notifying him that it was cleared. We also gave him the books we had found in the library, which he explained were in elvish and that he would read them if we left the books with him. We gladly agreed and thanked him for the help. Before sleeping, we both looked at the powder we had found in the sack, which Berreck determined was dust of disappearance.
Falcon's Hunting Lodge

Falcon the Hunter
We woke up the next morning to Falcon banging on our door, notifying us that there was danger and we should meet him in the front yard. We immediately grabbed our gear and made our way to the front where we met a centaur who introduced himself as Xanth. He notified us that there were nearly a dozen orcs and half-orcs making their way to the lodge with a enormous monster. He had tried to take a glance but was too preoccupied with warning Falcon that he was unable to get a good look at what the monster was. One thing he could tell was that it was big and fast.

Realizing that we were the last line of defense, Falcon agreed to assist us to face this monstrosity. We made our way east where the aggressors seemed to be coming from and hid, ready to spring an ambush when they came by.
Gorthok the Thunder Boar charging toward Falcon's Hunting Lodge
After a short while, we saw a huge boar—the size of an elephant—with lightning sparking off its tusks charging at us, followed by three regular boar and eight orcs.

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