Session 29: The Nalfeshnee Prison

Nalfeshnee demon in Wave Echo Lake Prison
Having already debated whether or not to face the demon, the group found themselves face to face with the Nalfeshnee.

As soon as Lee opened the door, the bloated demon leaped towards them, uttering what could only be interpreted as a laugh.

Immediately Albrecht cast bane, to no effect, and Turenim held Lightbringer up as he cast banishment. The demon disappeared with a faint popping noise, as Turenim maintained his concentration on expelling the creature back to the abyss.

With the demon banished, the group cheered and began to explore the chamber. Atilius cast detect magic from his spell book. He did not detect any magic from the magic circle engraved on the floor, but detected abjuration magic from the silver inlaid wards carved into the walls. There was also considerable magic coming from the mutilated corpses of The Wolves.

Picking through the blood soaked remains, they found two potions in Snal's pack, Lebon's enchanted mace and shield, and Larn's javelin of lightning that had been taken from the invading orcs. Among the wolf skin clothes and wolf hide cloaks, Ariel's appeared to have been dyed brown and green, but included a cloak of elvenkind. They also found mundane weapons, including a quarterstaff, short sword, hand crossbow, hide armor, greataxe, and a chain shirt.

They found nothing unusual about the statues, but Lee found a secret door in the southeast corner of the room.

Albrecht began to complain about Turenim having banished the demon and not having heeded the warning portended in his dream. The party took turns trying to reason with him, until he eventually collapsed, sobbing, and told the group to continue without him.

The group went through the secret door and up a set of circular stairs that filled a 10 foot square stairwell. At the top they found a door. They peered inside and found a roughly 25 foot square room with bright flames emitting from the head of a warhammer that was sticking out of a block of clear stone. A circle of runes surrounded the whole thing. Situated around the room were two rows of four suits of full plate armor. The front row was human sized, and the armor in the rear seemed to be more suitable to an ogre-sized creature.

The suits of armor animated and began to move towards the group as soon as they entered the chamber.
Animated Armor in Wave Echo Lake Prison
Turenim cast bless on Lee, Moula, Pippin, and himself. The animated suits slammed the group with their steel gauntlets. Atilius blasted the animated armors with firebolts, magic missiles, and a lightning bolt. Lee charged in with Talon, destroying two of the smaller suits, and one of the larger. Moriarty swung his sword at one of the smaller suits. Moula destroyed three of the larger suits with her staff and kicks. Pippin destroyed two of the smaller suits. Turenim attacked with spiritual weapon, cast cure wounds on Pippin and himself, healing word on Pippin, and used preserve life on Pippin, Moriarty, and himself, reviving Pippin once.

After Lee had destroyed the last of the suits, the group examined the flaming warhammer and the structure holding it, as well as two chests in the far corner. Atilius cast detect magic from his spell book, determining that the warhammer was magical, but the structure around it was not. Pippin could not find any traps.
The Island in Wave Echo Lake
Opening the chest, they found a magical rope and potion, as well as silver, gold, and platinum.

Eventually Moriarty removed the warhammer from the crystal and the flame went out. Replacing it caused the flame to ignite again.

As the group rested, Atilius cast identify on all the magic items they found.

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