Fiendburn is a +0 flaming warhammer, that requires attunement.

As a bonus action, you can command the head of the warhammer to light with flames. This sheds bright light in a 20 foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet. While the flame is on, it deals +1d6 fire damage. When within 30 feet of a fiend, the flames turn white and all fire damage becomes radiant.

Once per rest, as a standard action, the wielder can cast firebolt from the warhammer, as per the spell, with a +7 to hit, for 3d10 fire damage. This attack does not suffer disadvantage if cast next to an opponent.

Once per day, as a bonus action, the wielder can cast burning hands, as per the spell, with a save DC 15, for 5d6 fire damage.

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