PC: Jess Ferec

Human female rogue

Jess was born at Kendall Keep and has lived here all her life. Her father and mother became adventurers and were lost in the Caves of Chaos during the early days of the Keep. Her grandparents, Greeves and Peta, two aged domestic servants, see after The Guild house and its guests. Greeves the butler and Peta the housekeeper took care of the late Lord Macsen since the latter’s childhood; the only reason they did not accompany him on his last campaign was their advancing age.

She works for Wilf and Calista at The One-Eyed Cat tavern as barmaid/serving girl. ("Not a wench!") She waits on customers and generally helps out about the place, doing whatever chores are necessary to keep things running, while plying her true trade via surreptitious pick-pocketing of boastful or overly endowed merchants and adventurers. She's smart and careful and so far has not been caught — except by Mouse, who promptly gave her a few pointers. She gained some combat skills from her time spent in the local militia.

Jess lives in the smallest of the guestrooms, just at the top of the stairs; a trapdoor over her bed allows access to the crawlspace above where extra blankets are stored.

As a lifelong resident of Kendall Keep, she knows all the other residents and regulars. Since she actually works in the same building with Third, they have developed a mutual understanding and trust.

Wilf and Calista have many ties to the community, being lifelong residents. Their daughter Ebb married one of the Lum brothers (Jolan), and Calista’s sister Dara is married to Rafe the Smith.

Her thief skills are self-taught and grew out of her growing dismay at seeing travelers pass through: Some live in wealth while others scraped by in dire poverty. She has taken it upon herself to redress the imbalance and spread the wealth around. She does not consider herself a thief but a "distributionist," as she only takes from this who have too much (in her view) and passes it along to those who lack their fair share.

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