Dead PC: Moriarty Skybringer

Human male wolf tribe totem warrior barbarian.

I grew up in a clan of barbarians in the woods near Neverwinter. My father, who was one of the clan leaders, instilled in me the value of kindness and acceptance of others throughout my early life, and the importance of community. One day, my father, who I had always looked up to, had a falling out with the other clan leaders because of a disagreement on how the clan was going to set a new system of rule and was banished from the clan. I followed him and a few others who did not believe the clan was right in their argument. However, after we had left the relative safety of the larger clan, we were attacked by a large group of orcs. We put up a fight against the orc attack, but I was knocked unconscious and left for dead. Luckily, I was found by the Wolves. Larn, the leader of the Wolves, took me under his wing, letting me come with them on their adventures and helping me advance my skills as a barbarian.

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