PC: Moriarty Skybringer

Human male wolf tribe totem warrior barbarian.

I grew up in a clan of barbarians, my father was one of the clan leaders, who instilled in me the value of kindness and acceptance of other throughout my early life. One day my father whom I had always looked up to had a falling out with clan leaders, my father was then banished from the clan, and I followed with a few others who did not believe the clan was right in their argument. However after we had left the relative safety of the larger clan, we were attacked by a large group of orcs. There was a large resistance to the orcs attack but sadly through the fight all of my fellow group members had been killed. Having been injured, I pretended to play dead while the orcs were scavenging through the bodies of those they had killed, lucky the few belongings I had were back at the previous nights encampment. After gathering together my belongings I set out looking for a connection to those who I had lost and seeking adventure.

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