Berreck Grimshield

Dwarf male barbarian

Born and raised in Torunedar, Berreck was a dwarf of brute strength. From a young age, he showed great potential as a warrior and seemed to have a knack with any weapon handed to him. With his utter strength and skill with weapons, Berreck quickly became one of the greatest warriors in the defense force found in Torunedar. Although he has the physical strength, Berreck struggles with following orders and has many disciplinary issues preventing him from rising through the ranks. Although it is clear that Berreck is trying his best to do good in the world and rid the world of evil, unlike most dwarves, he seems to have a mind of his own with little respect for the law and authority.

One peculiar night, after a heavy drink, Berreck had a vision of a coming disaster that will affect many innocent lives. Unable to fully understand it himself and at a loss of what to do he decided to consult with the wisest dwarf in the town and a close friend, Diesa.

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