War of the Burning Sky Session 1

When we woke from the explosion, we found ourselves in a clearing. Once we regained our senses and explored the area, we saw a road nearby, crowded with what appeared to be refugees.

We joined the crowd, specifically a dwarven family. The matron, Athola, explained that they were from the Craghaven Clan, and were fleeing the Iron Mountains with her injured husband Thogin, and their son Danora.

When we asked where everyone was going she explained that Emperor Drakus Coaltongue, ruler of the mighty Ragesian Empire which lies to the west of Gate Pass, had been slain in a distant nation, or so the rumors say. The aged witch named Leska, who until recently was a loyal servant of the emperor, has assumed the throne as Ragesia’s supreme inquisitor, using the inquisitors as her greatest weapon.

Free City-state of Gate Pass sits alone in its mountain pass, one of the few safe routes between the nations of Ragesia and Shahalesti.

Once inside the city, Athola told us to meet Torrent, a member of the resistance. She said we should meet her at the Poison Apple Pub at midnight. We were told to use the alley door. When we arrived, we found the doors and windows boarded up. A notice was posted on its door: "Trehan Finner, owner of the Poison Apple Pub, has been taken into temporary custody under the protection of the city guard, until such time that he can be questioned by representatives of the Ragesian Empire, and found innocent of hostile collusion. The Poison Apple Pub is hereby closed until further notice."

After infiltrating the Poison Apple Pub, we met Torrent, who offered us a drink. Warroc was rude to her, and since he had been warned after being rude to Xireas, we gave him an 'ultimatum' and he left.

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